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Building Control Approval Continued

Full Plans


For this type of application you must submit a full set of drawings showing the layout and construction method of the proposed development, together with any structural calculations well in advance of works commencing on site. The Local Authority then has five weeks, although they can request an extension for up to a maximum of eight weeks for very large and complex schemes, to check your application. If your plans comply with the Building Regulations you will receive a notice stating that they have been approved. If the Local Authority is not satisfied you may be asked to make amendments or provide more details. Alternatively, a conditional approval may be issued. This will either specify modifications which must be made to the plans; or will specify further plans which must be deposited with the authority.


Once work has commenced the Inspector will carry out site inspections at predetermined stages within the build process e.g. in connection with foundations, damp proof courses and drains. The Building Inspector will also issue a Completion Certificate when they are content that the completed work complies with the Building Regulations.




A regularisation application is a retrospective application relating to previously unauthorised works i.e. works carried out without Building Regulations consent, started on or after the 11 November 1985.


The purpose of the process is to regularise the unauthorised works and obtain a certificate of regularisation. Depending on the circumstances, exposure, removal and/or rectification of works may be necessary to establish compliance with the Building Regulations.


Site Inspections


The Local Authority requires 2 days notice of works commencing on site and a further notice of completion not later five days after works have finished. In addition they require 1 full day notice of the following stages;


• excavation for a foundation (before covering up)

• the foundation itself (before covering up)

• any damp proof course (before covering up)

• any concrete or material laid over a site (before covering up)


Failure to allow the Local Authority to inspect the works at these key stages can result in a notice being served requiring the works to be opened up to ensure conformity with the regulations.

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